What is Archival Giclee Printing?
Giclée printing is a high-quality digital printing method that has become a fine art, photography, and digital art industry standard.
Using ultra fine inkjet printers with more colours than standard digital printing allows us to create images that result in incredibly high quality, archival prints. UV-resistant inks are utilised, and the paper is archival. This printing technology enables us to produce remarkable colour vibrancy, precise clarity, and detail that will stand the test of time.
How do I setup my file for print?
Files ready to print should be pre-sized to their desired printing size with preferred borders.  300ppi, RGB formatted and saved as a .TIF.
Please also title as follows " Name_Size _Number of Prints. Ex. "Print_11x14_x20"
How do I submit my work?
We highly advise that original pieces be reproduced in-house. Allowing us to scan and calibrate your work ensures that excellent detail and color-matching requirements are fulfilled, resulting in the best quality reproduction. This may be done by dropping it off at your closest location or via mail.
You can submit your own digital file through Google’s G-Drive or WeTransfer.com. To have a G-Drive folder set up for you please send us an email to our Melbourne or Toronto location. For best results, digital images should be submitted as a TIFF file and at least 300 dpi.
We please ask that files be submitted in the following title format " Name_Size _Number of Prints. Ex. "Print_11x14_x20"  Thank You.
For our step by step guide with creating in Procreate please click here
How do I ship my work for submission?
Please contact us for directions to ship to your closest location. When shipping your original work we recommend to use rolls instead of flat envelopes when possible and place a protective paper between each piece when sending multiple pieces. Kraft paper is great if not parchment paper works too. If not using rolls we strongly suggest placing the art in a durable cardboard sleeve with a do not bend sticker, and remember to put a return address!
Which Paper is best?
We currently offer a variety archival mediums that have been carefully selected to best suit your artwork. 
Hahnemühle William Turner 310gsm Watercolor Rag (cotton)
This white cotton paper does not contain optical brighteners and the surface texture provides incredible depth to your work. This paper is acid and lignin-free making it age resistant, keeping your art looking flawless through the test of time. Resulting in outstanding colour reproduction and detail.
We recommend this paper for art reproductions such as hand-drawn and painted pieces.
Canson Infinity Aquarelle 310gsm Watercolor Rag (cotton)
This paper provides a unique structure and surface texture with a warm white tone that will bring a distinctive and unrivalled character to your work. This paper meets the highest archival standard and is extremely age resistant with it being acid and lignin-free.
We recommend this paper for digital work and some photographs.

Canson Infinity Arches 88 310gsm Rag (cotton)
This paper offers an ultra-smooth surface finish and a soft and supple feel to the touch. Arches 88 has a pure white tone and is completely free of any optical brighteners (OBAs). The unique inkjet receiving layer produces prints with superb colour rendition, deep blacks and natural whites offering photographers, artists and printmakers the opportunity to create images with a superb tonal range, excellent highlights and mid-tones.

Hahnemühle Rice Paper 100gsm. 100% Cellulose. White
Rice Paper is an ultra-light, cellulose-based paper with an inkjet coating. This white, lightly textured paper has subtle laid lines and a soft feel make it truly stand out. Producing excellent print results, with vivid colours, deep black and perfect reproduction of detail we recommend this paper for FineArt applications; as well as the reproduction of old documents and Asian painting techniques.

HP Professional Matt Canvas 392gsm-
Our Canvas produces museum-quality, matte-finish prints with a long-lasting, water-resistant surface to preserve your work. A durable, flexible material makes finishing easy. It is important to note that with canvas there will be a bit of a loss of quality due to the porous texture. Although this can come as an advantage to upscaled pieces that want to dramatically be blown up.
Moab Lasal 230gsm Alpha Cellulose
This paper is smooth non-cotton water-resistant, as well as pulp, acid, and lignin-free. Lasal is perfect for general photography, posters, graphic art reproduction, as well as indoor and outdoor signage.
Think of this as high-quality poster paper. 
Do you offer samples and test prints?
Yes and yes. We also have sample packages available upon request. The package includes a sample image on each of our most popular mediums.
Test Prints are available at a minimum cost of $25.
Please contact us for more information.
Is custom sizing available?
Yes, custom sizing is available. With the largest size being 44” x 60". The pricing varies so please contact us for a quote on custom sizes.
Do you ship worldwide?
We do ship worldwide, however shipping costs will vary. Fortunately we are based in Canada and Australia so we are able to post from your closest location to minimize costs and reduce postage times. Please contact us at toronto@papermillprinthouse for any questions regarding shipping & handling.
How do I care for and handle my prints?
We strongly suggest not touching the print side with your bare hands as oils and moisture can affect the quality. Cotton gloves are generally the safest way to go when handling. If you don't have gloves be sure to handle from the back and sides. A protective spray is used on each piece to protect from UV light and scuffs however the papers and inks we use are quite delicate and we recommend each piece be framed.
COVID-19 Protocol?
Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. Here is what you can expect from us when you visit.
We are still open for drop-in consultations by appointment only. It is required that all clients wear a mask and respect social distancing. Our spaces are also sanitized and maintained with enhanced cleanliness. Alternatively, consultations can be done through video call, email or phone to remain contactless if preferred. We offer contactless pick-up and payment method through square and e-transfer.