About us

We are about creativity and the combining of centuries old crafts with the latest print technology. The result is archival quality museum grade prints produced personally for you at highly competitive prices. With a passionate and devoted tattoo artist and a photographer at its helm, Papermill Print House understands the market intimately. Our focus on our service and the quality and finish of our products ensures everything we do for you will be beyond your expectations. 

Expertise in fine printing 
Our key print specialists have over 35 years combined experience in providing fine print services throughout Australian, Canadian and international markets. Their knowledge and skills on utilising the optimum equipment to produce the best results on all print media – from hand-made papers and canvas to commercial art papers – is second to none.
Our printing and scanning equipment is at the very cutting edge of technology within the fine print industry. Our patented and constantly updated equipment and software enables us to reproduce an artist’s work faithfully every time.
Print media – the canvas and papers on which we print
Choosing the right media for your prints is an important element within the whole creative process. We have an extensive variety of options available for you to choose from and we are happy to guide you in your choice.